About Us

The Club's Symbolic (and usually literal) Home​

The Fountain Pen Shop in Monrovia, located East of Pasadena. (Formerly the Fountain Pen Shop of LA) 3rd generation shop owner, Fred Krinke is a lifelong pen aficionado, as well as a treasure trove of pen knowledge and a master at repair/restoration.  So if you need to get a new found treasure or beloved favorite fixed, see Fred. They have a fine selection of new and vintage pens, too. 

History of the So Cal Pen Club

 Started back in 1987, the Southern California Pen Collectors Club is considered by some to be the precursor to the national club,  The Pen Collectors of America. We have members of all ages & visitors come from around the globe. We all share interests in writing instruments, especially FOUNTAIN PENS, both vintage fountain pens and modern fountain pens. Our meetings usually include a presentation and we always have lively discussions on fountain pen usage, collecting, trading, buying and selling, tall tales of acquisition, plus repair and restoration techniques.

Meetings of the Southern California Pen Collectors Club are a great place for Los Angeles and Orange County fountain pen collectors to buy, sell, or trade vintage fountain pens.   

Join Us!

To actually JOIN the Southern California Pen Collectors Club / So Cal Pen Club you can come to our next meeting (usually at the Fountain Pen Shop in Monrovia).  The location serves Los Angeles fountain pen Collectors and Orange County pen collectors. 

Joining the club involves a modest yearly fee (currently $10) used for stuff like postage and pizza at the meetings. The attendance is usually 20-40 or so from our 120 plus roster and visitors. Our Southern California Pen Collector Club meetings are held 4 to 5 times a year in the LA and Orange County area, usually at The Fountain Pen Shop or at a member's home or some facilities made available to us.  


 Do you have a vintage
or antique fountain pen?

Would you like to learn about it or get it working again?

Bring it to the next meeting !  
We would love to see it !

Guests (especially guests with pens) are always welcome ! 

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The Los Angeles International Pen Show

The best event of the year!!!  February 6-9, 2020


Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach in Torrance, California 


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