We were on TV !

"Visiting with Huell Howser"
Huell joined us for our November 2005 meeting and rediscovered the joy of Fountain Pens!  

Fred was on TV again in 2018! 

"Storage Wars" needed some pens appraised...

A Sample of Past Meetings

September 29, 2018

Our own mini Pen Swap Meet at the Shop!  

Great attendance.  It was a good time for some "show and tell" over pen trays brought by some of the members. A lot of new members came, and many left with "new" vintage and some modern pens. 

August 12, 2017

Fred demonstrated a collection of lookalikes, frauds, and counterfeits.  Popular fountain pens have been copied for decades.  Some fakes/frauds/homages were shown along side the true models being emulated.

October 15, 2016

Matt Greenberger gave a presentation of the numerous fountain pen filling systems that have evolved over the years, and brought examples of many of the pens for some hands on viewing.  Great turnout. 

June 4, 2016

Mike Khanchalian graciously allowed us to his beautiful and historic home in Monrovia.  He also taught us all about Spencerian and gave us a lesson in other early 1900s antiques - wax cylinder music players and his Model T.   It was a memorable meeeting!​

December 5, 2015

 A great way to end the year!  Pens, Pizza, and Presents. About 15 members came together. Many brought pens for Fred to work on, or brought some great pens to show off and talk about.  Probably the last meeting before the LA Pen Show. See you all there!

June 15, 2019

 Demonstrator pens - discussion and presentation of pens with clear barrels and cut-aways to show the inner workings of some innovative and traditional filling systems.